Car Mechanic Simulator Mod Apk 1.5.2 (Unlocked)

Car Mechanic Simulator
App Name Car Mechanic Simulator
Genre Simulations
Developer Appscraft
Size 43.53 MB
Latest Version 1.5.2
Mod info Unlocked
Update January 05, 2023 (8 months ago)

Description of Car Mechanic Simulator

One of the interests that a lot of people are passionate about is automobiles; some of them want to collect them, while others enjoy racing them, driving them, or repairing them. Car Mechanic Simulator is a game that allows you to satisfy your love through your understanding of vehicles. Today, I would like to introduce you to this game and tell you more about it. For instance, you can revitalize an ancient car by repairing and restoring any and all of its components, and then selling the car in order to acquire financial gain. Car Mechanic Simulator is not for people who wish to enjoy the accelerator pedals and high speed; instead, the player will be tasked with reviving the engine block so that the vehicle can once again function normally. 

Introducing Car Mechanic Simulator


Many people are at a loss for what to do when confronted with a severely damaged vehicle because they are unsure of how to respond. Even people who have conditions can be open to getting a brand new vehicle. Car Mechanic Simulator enables you to make use of everything that is still available to construct a new model of car and also to restore it to the same state as a new car straight from the factory.

The launch of Car Mechanic Simulator is intended to provide you with additional experience and understanding regarding vehicles. The players will have a deeper understanding of the automotive system as well as the components that make up the car. While playing this game, you will experience the details from a point of view that is incredibly realistic. Anything that is attached to a vehicle has the potential to become damaged. You are the one who needs to find solutions to all of those issues. 


Through the use of your skills, it will function normally once more, no matter how simple or hard the task may be. Many clients are counting on your abilities; therefore, you should work hard to establish your credibility and become an expert in the field of automotive repair.

Restore Worn-Out Vehicles

You are aware that there are many components in automobiles that will deteriorate with use over time. The vast majority of the cars in this game are severely out of date. Even the designs themselves date back to the previous century. They are locked up in the abandoned warehouse, and it is up to you to get the vehicles moving again. Your expertise is required to bring it back to life because it has issues with the engine, brakes, chassis, exhaust, and more. Let's begin the process of restoring vital components to a car step by step.


Make Some Decorative Changes to the Automobile

When cars have deteriorated, it is likely that the majority of their exteriors have also done so. Rust stains appear to have taken the place of the original paint hue. You will need to give the car's exterior a facelift in order to boost its appeal to potential buyers. The work that you put in will unquestionably yield the results that you anticipate.

Trade Cars Wisely

You don't have to be the kind of person who buys classic automobiles, then painstakingly restores them and stores them in collections. You will become a skilled auto technician after playing Car Mechanic Simulator. Naturally, a good number of gamers start out with no comprehension, but as you progress through the levels, you gradually gain more information and develop skills on par with those of a professional auto mechanic. You can raise your revenue by selling your old cars a fresh look through the process of restoring them.

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