CarX Drift Racing 2 Mod Apk 1.23.0 (Unlimited All, Mega Menu)

CarX Drift Racing 2
App Name CarX Drift Racing 2
Genre Racing
Developer CarX Technologies
Size 1.74 GB
Latest Version 1.23.0
Mod info Unlimited All, Mega Menu
Update December 24, 2022 (9 months ago)

Description of CarX Drift Racing 2

CarX Drift Racing 2 is the sequel to the top racing game CarX Drift Racing of the publisher CarX Technologies. With this upgrade, this game will follow its sisters with improved graphics, refined gameplay, and many new elements added to help players feel the speed, effects, and fierceness of international races. Sounds appealing, right? In the article below, let's find out more details about this unique action game.

Introduce CarX Drift Racing 2

CarX Drift Racing 2 is a game that has all the features you can expect in a racing game, but it will surprise you even more. The highlight of this game is that it has an attractive drift mechanism, allowing you to show off your top driving skills.


This game uses a modern graphics engine with realistic environmental effects to give players a more realistic and closer experience of the racing genre. Compared to its sister version, CarX Drift Racing, the gameplay of this game has been refined, supporting players with many intelligent features, new racing mechanics, diverse racing modes, and many other elements. other attractive factors. So choose your favorite cars and participate in speed racing activities to become an excellent racer and the race leader.

New And Attractive Racing Gameplay

Coming to CarX Drift Racing 2,  you will not only be able to rely on speed to win, but you will also have to use skills to create perfect drifts. The usual drift will play the role of helping you overcome dangerous turns in each race. The more you drift, the higher your score will be. But do not forget the main goal; you must overcome other players to finish first in the race and win.


There are no rules for any race in this game, so you can freely display your superior driving prowess. You will also enjoy the atmosphere of many well-known race tracks with their appearance in influential cities throughout the globe, including Tokyo, Milton Drive, San Palazzo, Dubai, and other places. The races will be set up in a progression from easy to difficult so you can freely display your best speed and drifting abilities. Each racing mode will also have its regulations and a reward system based on your accomplishments.

Enjoy The Modern Supercar System

Players in CarX Drift Racing 2 will have access to a wide range of vehicles from well-known manufacturers like Ferrari, Audi, Mercedes, Bugatti, etc. So, by participating in this game, you can fulfill your dream of driving the world's top vehicles, such as Sorrow, Carrot II, Caravan G6, Kanniedood, and Syberia SWI.


In particular, using the automobile customization feature, you can design your own vehicle in addition to the supercars found in the game store. The performance parts of the cars can be modified, upgraded, and evolved to make them the most suitable for you. They can have their wheels, tires, bumpers, exhaust pipes, and other exterior features modified.

Experience Every Race With Vivid Visuals And Sounds

With a modern racing game, CarX Drift Racing 2 has equipped itself with a highly unique graphics system. You'll notice that every image in the game is displayed in a 3D style that is crisp and lifelike. This aids in the game's detailed description of the intense races featuring the most gorgeous and modern vehicles. A fantastic physics foundation is also built by this game, making every movement, collision, and explosion effect more realistic than ever. Naturally, you must set up a gadget with a stable enough configuration so that you can play games.

Additionally, this game has a vibrant sound system. It can seem as though you are sitting in the car and participating in the breath-blowing races because you can clearly hear the engine start, crash, and explosion. 

Download CarX Drift Racing 2 

Even though it has a lot of direct rivals, CarX Drift Racing 2 is still regarded as one of the top racing games available today. All thanks to the appealing gameplay in this game, as well as the high-quality pictures that are constantly updated according to the publisher's most recent upgrades. Don't forget to play the game and compete against other top-notch multiplayer players.

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