Cash, Inc. Mod Apk 2.3.32 (Unlimited Money)

Cash, Inc.
App Name Cash, Inc.
Genre Simulations
Developer Lion Studios
Size 91M
Latest Version 2.3.32
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update January 09, 2023 (8 months ago)

Description of Cash, Inc.

Cash Inc is a popular game that centers on the concept of earning money and has attracted a significant number of players in recent years. This game will transport you to a world in which you are a prosperous businessman. In this environment, you will be exposed to a diverse assortment of goods and services, as well as all areas and subjects pertaining to the globe. The gameplay of Cash Inc is quite straightforward and yet incredibly exciting at the same time. You may build a very successful company by being an excellent manager. To discover more about this game, read the following article.

Introducing Cash Inc


Step into the world of Cash Inc, where your goal is to go from having no money to being a world-famous millionaire by luring in all types of businesses and progressively raising your revenue. The players will assume the character of an aspiring real estate agent who is the owner of a fairly run-down and dilapidated building. Your road to improve your life and make significant amounts of money will start here, and this location will be your starting point. 

You should begin by establishing food shops, sporting goods shops, and tiny cafes. Once you have earned your first coins, you should invest them in modernizing your shops and increasing the number of managers. The upgrading of the floors of the building results in an increase in the quantity of money as well.

With a gameplay that is exceptionally easy to pick up and learn because you only need one finger to complete all of the game's actions and operations. You are able to construct and grow towers with an increased number of levels. The next step is to upgrade across floors in order to bring in a consistent income and unlock other floors that offer appealing services.


Various Kinds of Business

Your real estate project includes the entirety of the structure, including all of its floors. Contains a diverse array of retail establishments, including but not limited to coffee shops, sushi restaurants, fashion stores, and more. You will be able to receive a set amount of income over the course of each certain time period, based on the floor that we are on. The greater your position, the more money you will make. 

It would be an extremely time-consuming process to manually collect revenue from each of the floors. You are the one who decides who will be the manager on each floor by gaining access to the list of managers that are located on each floor, and employing those managers. They will take care of collecting money from the sales of the businesses they manage for you automatically.

Improving the Structure of the Building


After opening the doors to the very top floor and accumulating a significant sum of money from the sales of the floors. You will be able to exercise your right to sign the contract and relocate your company into a location that is far more aesthetically pleasing and opulent. Once you have completed this and moved to the new building, you will begin your journey once again on the ground floor. However, you should not let this deter you because the rate at which money is obtained in the new building will be increased by a certain amount. As a result, you may expect to continue accumulating wealth and will soon achieve the status of a well-known billionaire. Your dexterity and intelligence will  determine everything that happens in the company, and the end result will be an extraordinarily prosperous and renowned enterprise.


Cash Inc only utilizes simple 2D graphics with lines created in a manner similar to that of cartoons. Despite this, the overall design of the game is vibrant and engaging. Watching your hilarious employees do their jobs will help you feel more entertained and pleased when you are playing games.

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