Cat Forest Mod Apk 2.22 (Unlimited Resources)

Cat Forest
App Name Cat Forest
Genre Simulations
Developer POOM GAMES
Size 50M
Latest Version 2.22
Mod info Unlimited Resources
Update January 09, 2023 (8 months ago)

Description of Cat Forest

If you have a soft spot in your heart for animals, and especially for cats, you simply can't miss out on Cat Forest, the world where cats behave and communicate just like people do. You are going to see a world that is completely inhabited by cats right now. Images showing adorable cats carrying out laborious tasks or leading lives quite similar to those of humans. The player will be able to see the inside of the cats through the phone screen so that they are aware of what the cats in this area require and desire. This is a game that delivers a great deal of pleasure and excitement, which will undoubtedly satiate many gamers' needs and draw in a large number of new players.

Introducing Cat Forest


Players start out as a cat who is toiling away in a dull office job when the game begins. You are exhausted from your work. The experience of being reprimanded by your supervisor renders you feeling helpless and despondent.  When you got back to the house, there was a note waiting for you in the mailbox from your grandparents, who hadn't been there in a very long time. Along with a wonderful present, the letter is brimming with love. To put it another way, you will have ownership of a camping forest. Because of how unexpected this is, you have no choice but to rush to be on the next bus to your hometown in order to have a fantastic vacation.

Your primary objective in this uncomplicated and straightforward video game is to gather stuff together to construct shelters and campfires after gathering fruits to harvest with wooden swords. In addition to that, elevating the campsite to a higher height will entice a greater number of cats to pay a visit and stay the night. Take charge of the enormous territory and manage it anyway you see fit with a variety of alternative layouts. Have a good time and enjoy yourself in a world full of cute kitties.

Manage Your Campsite


Everything in the forest must pass through your hands and be subject to your meticulous calculations. You shouldn't consider it to be overly difficult or fancy. As long as you immerse yourself in the world of felines, you'll find that everything is quite straightforward. You will gain step-by-step instructions on how to construct the ideal campground by completing quests in Cat Forest. A dark woodland can be transformed into a cheerful camping spot with the help of deft hands and fresh ideas, which will add to the overall transformation.

Adapted to Camping

The weather in Cat Forest changes with the seasons, making it more than just an entertaining place to visit during the summer. The flowers never look more beautiful than they do during the springtime. You can get the cats under control to grow more flowers and attract more visitors. Because winter can be very cold, it is vital to have snow playgrounds, hot springs, and other such features. You are free to organize everything in accordance with your own whims and fancies, regardless of the time of year.


A beautiful interior will attract more guests in addition to building outside residences with diverse hues. Look for minerals that are readily available in your forest. Then construct items to make one-of-a-kind tables and chairs or cozy beds. You can find all you need to  and create right here.

Farming and Fishing

Farming is essential because it makes the most of all available resources. You will also be given plots of land on which to cultivate agricultural goods such as barley, watermelon, other fruits and vegetables. Collect them, then turn them into magnificent and delectable dishes. Additionally, fish is one of felines' top food choices, making this meal essential. At this campground, you may go fishing in the stream that is close by and have a large party for the cats.

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