Cat Goes Fishing LITE Mod Apk 4.2.12 (4002012) (Mod Money)

Cat Goes Fishing LITE
App Name Cat Goes Fishing LITE
Genre Arcade
Developer Cat5Games
Size 14MB
Latest Version 4.2.12 (4002012)
Mod info Mod Money
Update February 06, 2023 (1 months ago)

Description of Cat Goes Fishing LITE

Cat Goes Fishing is an exciting simulation game powered by Cat5Games. Joining the game, players can get familiar with an adorable, fluffy cat dressed as a fisherman. Your task in the game is to assist the cat in catching fish from the lake to the sea. Improve your boat, fishing rod, or bait to assist the cat in catching large and delicious fish for dinner.

You will begin your journey with your adorable cat on an island with nothing more than a simple fishing rod. Ascend to the rank of master fisher-cat, searching the waters for the largest and deadliest fish. Each fish has distinct habits that you will learn to exploit. Develop your fishing rod to find what lies under the waves and help your cat catch as much fish as possible.

Exciting Gameplay


This game allows you to help a cat with a simple yet enjoyable task: fishing. When the game begins on an island, the cat has just one fishing rod at his disposal. To make the extra duty more exciting, you may earn money by collecting fish and assisting the cat in upgrading its equipment. You may learn how to construct fishing rods and use unique lures to capture fish in the game. Furthermore, you may purchase stronger fishing rods to capture uncommon fish by assisting the cat in collecting all varieties of fish.

There are several sorts of fish in The Cat Goes Fishing. Each fish favors a particular sort of bait, and each fish behaves differently. If the bait is tiny, fish will be drawn to it. The little fish, on the other hand, desires to be devoured by the giant fish. Some fish will be attracted to a particular bait, while others may disregard most baits.

Take Advantage Of Fishing Rods To Catch More Fish


A fishing rod is one of the most significant fishing instruments. Is it possible to catch many fish even if you don't have a nice fishing rod? By joining the game, you can choose among all the unique fishing rods in the store to assist your cat in catching fish. To fit your playing style, fishing rods may be altered and enhanced. There is other unrealistic fishing gear like dynamite, heavier lures, fish repellant, specialist lures, and many more.

Completing activities allows you to gain money more quickly. To accomplish the assignments, you must catch important fish. A good fishing pole is necessary for capturing them.

Initially, fishing will take place at a shallow depth with normal bait. As you complete tasks and catch aquatic life, you will get access to an in-game store that offers lures, fishing rods, and other fishing equipment that will help you catch the most exotic fish species.


Easy And Simple Control Mechanism

It is easy for players to get used to the controls of Cat Goes Fishing. You will control the Fishing Cat with your gestures. Slide your finger on the screen to throw the hook, and quickly double-tap to collect the line as soon as it detects a fish bite.

Graphics and Sound

Cat Goes Fishing is an entertaining game with a minimalist setting and bright colors, highlighting a friendly kitten sitting by a river full of colorful fish. At the same time, the game offers relaxing and less variable background music. That provides the perfect relaxation for fishing that can last for hours. Overall, Cat Goes Fishing is a simple, uncomplicated game and the perfect choice for you to entertain after hours of stressful work.

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