Idle Bee Factory Tycoon Mod Apk 1.30.6 (Unlimited Money)

Idle Bee Factory Tycoon
App Name Idle Bee Factory Tycoon
Genre Simulations
Developer Green Panda Games
Size 32MB
Latest Version 1.30.6
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update December 26, 2022 (9 months ago)

Description of Idle Bee Factory Tycoon

Have you ever thought that one day you will own a super honey factory? Come to Bee Factory Idle to experience the feeling of mastery of hardworking bees. This is considered an idle game with simple gameplay, promising to bring great moments of relaxation to players. Read our article to learn more about this exciting game.

Introduce Idle Bee Factory Tycoon

Bee Factory is an idle game developed by Green Panda Games based on the inspiration of bees working hard and uniting at work. Here, you will have the opportunity to experience the feeling of managing your factory, where bees work all day to make honey, build nests, and feed the whole hive. Although the amount of honey is too great, they never allow themselves to become lazy and continue to work non-stop.


Besides the fun context, this game is highly appreciated for the outstanding features it provides to players. It has a simple gameplay but is faster-paced than other idle games. Your employees will be very attractive bees with creative names. Of course, with idle business games, you will have the opportunity to become a billionaire through your company's business activities. Therefore, depending on the individual skill of each player, the level achieved when experiencing will be different.

Build and Grow Your Honey Factory

Bee Factory Idle embodies the spirit of an idle game by providing players with fairly simple gameplay, like an endless loop. In this game, you will play the role of a queen bee, managing a colony of bees in your hive. Therefore, you don't have to do much, sometimes, just give orders, and your staff will continue to work on what you ask.

Your bees will work on their own to produce delicious and quality honey. You can sell honey for money to upgrade. As you level up, you will unlock new bees. These bees will always work hard, even when you are offline. Therefore, the more bees accumulate, the more your productivity will increase. Over time your honey business can grow and become the greatest in the world.


Don't Forget to Accumulate New Bees

In Bee Factory Idle, you can choose and unlock hundreds of different species of bees. Every time you increase 5 levels, you will get a new bee. However, once your bee factory reaches level 30, you can unlock new bees at each level. New bees will always be better than old bees because they can help you easily increase your productivity through their skills.

Some Tips That Can Help You Speed up Your Production

Of course, the best way to speed up your factory's production is to raise the production line and unlock the swarm. Besides, you have the right to touch the bees that show signs of laziness to remind them to focus and promote the work process. You can also regularly swipe your production line from side to side to double the honey production rate.

Like some other idle games, this game also offers promotional videos, which act as a tool to help players speed up honey production. Every time you click Watch Video, you can get x2 or x4 production speed for five minutes. So take advantage of them so that the golden bees can bring you a huge amount of honey and make it easier for you to make more money.


Download Bee Factory Idle

Overall, Bee Factory Idle is really a unique idle game, suitable for players of all ages. Fun cartoon graphics combined with unique game features promise to bring you great experiences when managing your honey factory. So, if you want to manage a honey factory by yourself, download this exciting game to your phone to have the most relaxing entertainment time.

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