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Planner 5D
App Name Planner 5D
Genre Art & Design
Developer Planner 5D
Size 209M
Latest Version v2.2.17
Mod info Unlocked All Content
Update December 07, 2022 (9 months ago)

Description of Planner 5D

We all dream of our perfect home. If you have a lot of ideas that you want to implement but don't have a professional designer to sketch those great ideas, then we present a useful application to help you do it. Developed by the developer of the same name, Planner 5D MOD APK is a professional home design application that gives you creative home design experiences.

Be free with your imagination when realizing your idea of ​​sketching your dream home from the most handcrafted materials. The game gives you the opportunity to dive into the interior and exterior design of your home with tons of features to customize and interact with. There are no limits to your future home, and you can enjoy the app's great customization features to create a luxurious and modern home. Below, we will introduce you to this convenient application.

About Planner 5D


Planner 5D is one of the best home design apps on the market today. With just a few taps, you can quickly connect to the virtual 3D simulation in the app and design the layouts, interior, and exterior designs of your home with high realism. The application supports you with many interesting features to arrange the rooms and design the structure of your house from available materials and tools.

The app provides two different views, 2D view, and 3D view, so you can see the full context of your project and make the best decision on how to set up the space, considering the fit. about the aesthetics and color of the materials, and gives you a quick visualization of the final version of your home. Built on sharp and beautiful 3D graphics, the application will satisfy both professional architects and casual players who want to try their hand at interior design.

Why Do You Need Planner 5d?

Planner 5D is an extremely useful application for many different audiences. For casual players, the application will help them quickly create a sketch of the house to satisfy their design passion. The app also makes it easy for them to express their ideas about the house to professional architects. Players who don't want to spend a lot of money on design when they only want to edit a few small areas of the house can also take advantage of the app's convenience. Also, if you are looking to test the suitability of building materials or home furnishings such as tables, chairs, cabinets, and more, Planner 5D can also assist you.

This application attracts not only ordinary players but also professional architects. With the power of the tools and features in the app, their job will be much easier. It allows designers to sketch an initial idea of ​​a project before detailing it through drawings. As a result, the application will make the design process more efficient and save more time.


Design a Home With Simple Operations

Although introduced as a professional architectural editor, Planner 5D does not require users to have great knowledge and experience in this field. With just a few basic operations, anyone can realize their ideas with a 3D model of the house. The process of designing a house in Planner 5D will begin with the user brainstorming a project idea. Once you've finalized the idea, you'll use the 2D mode first to create the layout and design of the indoor space along with some key furniture.

Once the preliminary 2D drawing is complete, you'll continue to the 3D simulator to drill down into the house's architecture and detailed interior and begin perfecting your project. It sounds quite complicated, but all these operations will be specifically guided by the application for players step by step. You only need to perform simple drag-and-drop operations to change the position of elements in the house. So you don't have to worry about not knowing how to use the app. Planner 5D is designed with everyone in mind.

Choosing the Right Furniture

The next step in the house design process, once the drawing is complete, is to choose the right materials for the interior of each part of the house. The application provides a huge material library, with more than 4000 items that are constantly updated, for you to choose locations in your house for them quickly. Optionally choose the desired materials, adjust the appropriate position for them, adjust the size of the furniture, and edit the decorative motifs in the house to gradually complete the house of your dreams.

Photographing the House of Your Dreams

Planner 5D includes Snapshots to help users capture the best photos of their future projects from various angles. The saved images of the project come with high-quality, high-definition graphics and realistic and sharp images. Besides, you can also add shadow effects, adjust exposure, and edit different color shades to create an artistic photo for your future home. Then you can share them with your friends and relatives or share them on social networks to make everyone admire them.

Download Planner 5D MOD APK for Android

Planner 5D is a convenient future house design application for both ordinary users and architects. The application has a collection of powerful tools and features for you to design the interior and exterior of your home as you like. In the past, you could also beautify your home through a diverse collection of items and take pictures of the house with Snapshots. With top-notch 3D graphics and an impressive virtual reality experience, Planner 5D deserves to be a must-have application on your device.

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