Roblox Mod Apk 2.555.874 (Mega Menu, 60+ Features)

App Name Roblox
Genre Adventure
Developer Roblox Corporation
Size 108MB
Latest Version 2.555.874
Mod info Mega Menu, 60+ Features
Update December 21, 2022 (1 months ago)

Description of Roblox

Roblox is a role-playing game in the vast virtual world released by Roblox Corporation. It is a simple game and will definitely bring you relaxation if you are feeling too stressed from fighting and strategy games. You will play the role of an ordinary citizen, perform the game's missions, and interact with other characters in the world like what happens in reality. If you are an adventurer, the game's vast and colorful world is definitely an excellent choice for you to explore.

ROBLOX: Join the Ultimate Virtual Universe

Roblox is not a game. It is a vast virtual world where you will design your own character and do whatever you like while interacting with the rest of the world. You can do the daily activities of a normal citizen, such as playing, entertaining, eating, working, dating, and many more.


This game is similar to Minecraft, famous for its collection of mini-games. They are games that take place inside a game, and they are contributed by not only the publisher but also the large community of players worldwide. The game does not offer any quests you have to complete, and you are free to roam and explore the available games in the Roblox world.

Simple But Addicted Gameplay

The first step to exploring the game is to create a character for yourself. The basic character of the game will appear with a rather funny design. You can customize your character's appearance, from hairstyles and clothes to accessories, to make your character unique and bring your style.

After building your character, you will travel around the game's vast world to participate in mini-games. With gold coins earned after playing these exciting games, you will shop for necessary accessories or upgrade your character.


Creative Freedom With Many Mini-Games

Roblox offers thousands of mini-games with different themes for you to explore. These games are diverse in gameplay, from role-playing, racing, and fighting, to puzzles. Each game comes with different difficulty levels, giving the game realistic interactivity. Some games even have backstories for you to discover.

In addition, this game not only provides a variety of mini-games for players to experience but also allows you to create your attractive mini-games. If you like shooting, you can create a fun game with this theme and invite your friends to join the game to fight with you.

Rich Daily Rewards

The game's rewards system is refreshed every day, and they are the impetus for millions of players worldwide to log into the game to claim them regularly. The more regularly you log in, the higher the value of the rewards will be. If your character has a high level, you will easily get super rare items in the game.


High-Quality 3D Graphics

The design of the large world does not reduce the publisher's investment in images. With 3D graphics, the world of Roblox appears colorful and vivid, allowing players to enjoy the feeling of enjoyment, relaxation, and excitement when walking to explore in-game landscapes or entertainment with mini-games.

Download Roblox MOD APK

Roblox is the most attractive virtual world exploration game today. With the unique and authentic features it brings, this game has received many positive reviews and more than 100 million downloads since its launch. Download this exciting game now, so you have the opportunity to enjoy maximum entertainment and creativity in the world of the game in many different ways.

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