Traffic Rider Mod Apk 1.81 (Unlimited Money)

Traffic Rider
App Name Traffic Rider
Genre Racing
Developer Soner Kara
Size 126.0MB
Latest Version 1.81
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update December 22, 2022 (9 months ago)

Description of Traffic Rider

Traffic Rider is a game that can let you experience the real racing mode down to the throttle. This game stands out from other racing games because it has beautiful graphics, lots of customization, realistic gameplay, and many challenging levels for you to conquer. Therefore, you will have a lot of options every time you start your powerful chariot. 

Traffic Rider - Behind the Wheels of a Motorbike

Traffic Rider is a road racing game produced by Soner Kara. It contains everything a street traveler wants: wandering the streets with beautiful scenery and a cool motorbike.


In this game, you will enjoy endless roads, challenging levels, and supercar models you can't even dream of in real life. However, take care to avoid hitting any oncoming traffic because even a minor diversion might send you sprawling on the road.

Exciting Action Gameplay

Traffic Rider is not a typical multiplayer speed racing game. Because in any race, your goal is to overcome the challenges in your way, and your greatest foe is actually you, So you can challenge yourself and test your reflexes, courage, and speed limits through this game. You will need to drive the car on the highway as quickly as possible while avoiding other cars and completing the game's objectives.

In the game, the landmarks you must pass will also appear on the map. To be able to unlock other levels, you need to complete the required milestones in each level. Be especially careful with the weather; it will affect your grip and visibility when it rains and at night.

Four Exciting Game Modes are Waiting for You


In Traffic Rider, you will enjoy 4 game modes, including Career, Endless, Time Trial, and Free Ride. The players in Endless mode are all professional racers on the leaderboard. As a result, there will be a lot of severe competition. The Career mode will be the best option if you want to be a bit more at ease so you may practice and test your talents.

Collection of Modern Motorcycles With Many Models

Players in Traffic Rider have access to a showroom with a selection of motorcycles at various pricing points. More than 20 vintage models, sports cars, and big distribution vehicles with well-known brands like Kawasaki, Indian, Harley-Davidson, BMW, Suzuki, and Yamaha, among others, will be available for you to enjoy. As a result, you are free to select the ideal vehicles for each race environment.

In addition to racing, collecting and powering up motorbikes is another important gameplay of this game. This will help you create dozens of different types of motorcycles. In addition to some that need to be purchased with money, most motorcycles can be converted using in-game currency.

Realistic 3D Graphics and Detailed Sounds


Traffic Rider actually did an excellent job with the graphics. The contemporary game engine used to create this game offers the most immersive and lifelike gaming experience. The automobile lineup, location, roadway, and even the weather and unforeseen crashes in the game all show how carefully the game's 3D appearance was created.

Additionally, this game's audio system features realistic engine sounds that are incredibly accurate. It also contains the wind's sound when the car sparks or moves quickly. Even the sound of shattered glass, the sound of rain on the road, and other sounds are audible.

Download Traffic Rider MOD APK

Traffic Rider combines many attractive elements of a role-playing racing game. You can enjoy multiple game modes with more than 40 levels, a collection of more than 20 motorcycles, and different tracks. Although being a good racer in this game can be difficult, breaking the track is quite simple. Download this fun racing game to test your driving skills.

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